Bay District Schools - Hurricane Michael Consulting

Hurricane Michael was a devastating Category 5 hurricane that struck the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018.  Bay County was one of the hardest hit areas, with 100% of public housing destroyed and 68% of all residential homes suffering catastrophic damage within the eyewall.  Eight months later, Bay District Schools’ homeless student population remained 650% higher than before the storm, equaling 20% of the district’s entire student body.  

Bay District Schools (BDS) contracted with 7-Dippity to provide consulting services in order to assist with the monumental mental health challenges brought on by the storm and support the district’s long-term recovery efforts.  As part of the scope of services, 7-Dippity conducted assessments of students, staff and community service providers; helped BDS develop an effective long-term mental health recovery plan; implemented a comprehensive professional development plan (for educators, administrators and Student Support Services staff); and identified and coordinated resources and supports.  7-Dippity brought in and has been coordinating a team of partners to support the school district and surrounding communities with the resulting mental health crises, including the University of Miami, Medical University of South Carolina, Yale University, Mental Health America of Greater Houston, and UNICEF.      

7-Dippity continues to work closely with Bay District Schools in helping their school district and community recover from the storm.   

Photo courtesy of NOAA